Younger Women's Cancer Support Group

ACT & Surrounding Region (YWCSG)

It’s a reality that cancer affects many younger women under 50.

Whether they are single or have young families, their challenges are unique such as reduced fertility, dealing with different issues relating to their sexuality & physical appearance. This is in addition to increased psychosocial stressors with ongoing careers as well as extended survivorship periods, fear of recurrence & financial burden.

Having these different issues makes an already difficult cancer vendetta more challenging - not just for patients but for medical professionals. Young women undergoing treatment for cancer remain understudied despite unique needs.

Very similar issues and challenges extend to women caring and managing their partner's/spouse's (and/or direct family member's) diagnosis and treatment too.

As a result, if you're unable to be proactive, extremely vigilant & advocate your rights, things get missed and people fall through the cracks of the system.

While the Canberra region has numerous growing support groups & resources there are still significant gaps in the support/assistance & awareness for younger woman managing less common forms of cancer - lymphomas, ovarian/cervix, colorectal, melanoma, sarcoma - just to name a few!

The Younger Women's Cancer Support Group - ACT & Surrounding Region (YWCSG) has been created to support these women: to ask questions, vent, socialise & support each other, raising awareness of these challenges, standing up to make a difference & ultimately close up the gaps.